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Britannia Area, U.K. North Sea, Multi-client Processing of Legacy Data Incorporating GRT Depth Imaging


  • Reprocessed legacy data and survey merge over Quads 15-22

  • Improved de-multiple and de-ghost

  • Velocity modelling using advanced techniques

  • Depth imaging: true amplitude GRT and eGWM

The area around the large Britannia field is well known for its productive Eocene and Palaeocene plays. Hydrocarbon saturated reservoir sands, such as Forties, provide classic AVO responses. However, legacy seismic tends to degrade AVO signature due to limitations of the Kirchhoff algorithm and subsequent offset to angle conversion. This results in poor quality angle gathers, with limited angle range and important far angles corrupted with migration noise.

SIP has reprocessed the area from the ground up using our state of the art algorithms to provide you with clearer seismic images and clean, true amplitude, angle gathers from GRT migration - perfect for AVO/AVA identification.

The Britannia area multi-client data set demonstrates the huge potential of legacy data, and how it can be processed to similar quality as newly acquired surveys, but at a fraction of the cost using SIP's algorithms.

The Britannia Area multi-client data set is available today. Contact us for more information about data options. 

Included Surveys


The survey merge includes:

  • AM94

  • AT92

  • BP1, BP2

  • CV92

  • CY92

  • C95, Dolphin

  • TX90

  • CN93 in progress

The processing sequence uses proprietary SIP technology as required:

De-multiple, de-noise, and Broadband

  • all free surface de-multiple

  • inter-bed multiple attenuation

  • S-R de-ghosting

Velocity Model Building

  • Autoimager imaging based modelling

  • Beam tomography

  • Reflection tomography

SIP Imaging Algorithms

  • GRT depth migration.

AT92: Legacy vs. Multi-client


AT92 survey, legacy seismic using Kirchhoff PSTM.


AT92 survey from the Britannia Multi-client shows the removal of multiples revealing channel features and sharper fault detail at depth.

TX90: Legacy vs. Multi-client


TX90 survey, legacy seismic using Kirchhoff PSTM.


TX90 survey from the Britannia Multi-client showing significant overall improvement in structural imaging.

Our P&I Services


  • Processing from field tapes

  • eMULT proprietary de-multiple

  • eBAND proprietary de-ghost

  • Broadband

  • Multi-azimuth

  • Multi-client. multi-licence

  • Land and Marine

Velocity Modelling

  • AutoImager data-driven modelling

  • Iterative and migration-based

  • Accurate anisotropic velocity and Eta

  • Geologically consistent velocities

  • Beam Tomography

  • FWI

Depth Imaging

  • GRT true amplitude, AVA compliant

  • eGWM ultra-fast wave equation migration

  • Traditional migrations, e.g RTM, Kirchhoff


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