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Processing & Imaging

SIP offers a complete processing service from field tape to final depth image; from single survey to multi-client; land and marine.


We provide our own leading-edge technology as well as third-party industry standard solutions. Exclusive technologies from SIP include our de-multiple and de-ghosting routines, AutoImager velocity modelling, and next generation migrations: GRT and eGWM.


Our experience is geographically diverse, including all European oil/gas provinces, Gulf of Mexico, and 2D/3D multi-azimuth processing of unconventionals in the UK and FSU.

Mid-North Sea High, U.K.


Major Processing Contractor

This regional line was originally processed with a time-consuming workflow including 3 types of de-multiple, linear/offset de-noise, TVF, radon, RMO, and post-stack invQ/AmpQ!


Seismic Image Processing (SIP)

SIP's streamlined workflow only required our proprietary de-multiple (eMULT), de-noise, radon and simple Kirchhoff migration to reveal the pre-salt structure.

Our P&I Services


  • Processing from field tapes

  • eMULT proprietary de-multiple

  • eBAND proprietary de-ghost

  • Broadband

  • Multi-azimuth

  • Multi-client. multi-licence

  • Land and Marine

Velocity Modelling

  • AutoImager data-driven modelling

  • Iterative and migration-based

  • Accurate anisotropic velocity and Eta

  • Geologically consistent velocities

  • Beam Tomography

  • FWI

Depth Imaging

  • GRT true amplitude, AVA compliant

  • eGWM ultra-fast wave equation migration

  • Traditional migrations, e.g RTM, Kirchhoff


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