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Senior Geophysicist Required

SIP is seeking a high calibre seismic processing geophysicist skilled in land/marine/OBN seismic data analysis.

You will be a self-starter capable of working independently to solve a range of geophysical challenges. A high level of competence in computing skills and cloud working is required with expertise in using DUG Insight, SeisSpace on AWS, Flatirons, and preferably Kingdom Interpretation. You should be fully compliant in basic log work QC for depth model building. You will be required to independently present work to clients in all aspects of processing and have high level reporting skills.

The position will be located in the United Kingdom.

SIP offers a flexible package with home working and advanced use of technology to help step up your career.

Please email your CV and introductory letter to Jagat Deo, Managing Director SIP

This is a genuine offer of employment. We will only accept applications made directly to SIP.

SIP does not employ recruitment consultants and you should not accept offers from third parties claiming to represent SIP.


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