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Central North Sea SIP Reprocessing of Multi-Client Legacy Data - a Game Changer

SIP are delighted to showcase the results of recent reprocessing of legacy data in the Britannia area of the Central North Sea. SIP's Beam Tomography and GRT angle depth migration processing results in superior images, enabling better structural and lithological interpretation. Wave equation migration further uplifts the image of these large prospects.

SIP has multi-client datasets available covering the Britannia area in the Central North Sea.

SIP's processing with GRT angle depth migration has produced angle gathers with true amplitude information at greater angles than conventional PSDM. The resultant stacks highlight structures not revealed in PSDM.

Below is an example legacy survey 1993 (3200m cable) from the Britannia area, reprocessed using eGWM, SIP's proprietary wave migration. eGWM continues to gain rapid popularity with our clients as the future migration technology of choice to replace Kirchhoff and RTM. Its speed is analogous to Kirchhoff, depending on frequency. It preserves amplitudes for AVA work & outputs gathers for updating velocity models. It is ideal for confirming high frequency FWI models. RTM gathers at high frequency of 80Hz to verify FWI are not produced due to costs. eGWM imaging increases exploration success without the high cost of traditional RTM methods.


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