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SIP Announce Technology Partnership with Z-Terra

Seismic Image Processing are pleased to announce a partnership with Z-Terra Inc.

Z-Terra is a leading-edge provider of integrated enterprise seismic imaging software and service solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry. Z-Terra have developed a suite of interactive depth imaging and velocity model building applications designed for speed and accuracy.

SIP has access to all Z-Terra’s industry-leading technologies and expands the modelling choices available to our clients.

SIP CEO, Jagat Deo Said "Coupled with SIP’s eGWM and GRT imaging solutions, this partnership will lead the way in providing high-resolution, high impact results for our clients' exploration and development imaging needs".

Examples of Z-Terra technologies that will add value include: Z-Tomo tomography Fast beam migration Diffraction imaging Migration velocity analysis tools Anisotropy estimation and analysis 5D regularisation

Z-Terra Beam Tomography velocity model building:

This example shows how, starting with a simple model, Z-Terra beam tomography can resolve complex structures.

Fast beam migration (FBM):

This figure shows an FBM image of the Marmousi model and demonstrates the ability of the FBM algorithm to handle multiple arrivals, a feature difficult to implement in standard Kirchhoff migration.


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