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SIP Expands Services to Ultra-High-Resolution 3D Processing

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Seismic Image Processing (SIP) is offering quality processing and imaging of Ultra-High-Resolution three-dimensional (UHR3D) seismic data.

UHR3D data provides the necessary spatial and temporal frequency to assist in identifying geohazards and better understand shallow geological structure to enable the safe exploration, excavation and construction of offshore industrial infrastructure. Optimal UHR processing may also be required to enable drilling hazard site surveys. The modelling of shallow geology is also critical if the UK is to successfully fulfil its offshore windfarm potential.

Most UHR3D acquisition systems sample data in the 0.125ms-0.25ms range in spatial bins of around 1-6 metres. Typical offset ranges are 10-100m. This presents challenges for standard processing techniques and software, which often have internal limits on the frequency for which they can be used. SIP offers a range of processing techniques and software that have been shown to work with UHR3D data, including, but not limited to, SRME and WEMA demultiple techniques. Our proprietary depth migration software, eGWM is capable of processing data with temporal resolution less than 0.1 milliseconds. This enables the modelling of localised, complex features, such as highly-fractured formations and paleo-glacial deposits.

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