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NSNR Awards Devils Hole Horst 3D to SIP

SIP and North Sea Natural Resources ('NSNR') are pleased to announce the award to SIP for processing of the Devils Hole Horst ('DHH') 3D seismic survey.

The survey covers 1600 sq. km. across seven blocks of licence P2321 (quads 27 and 28) of the U.K. North Sea. Processing will take advantage of SIP's unique noise-free wave equation imaging algorithm eGWM. eGWM provides a quantum leap in wave equation migration by enabling the time-efficient processing of higher frequencies (up to 180Hz) compared to industry standard WEM where frequencies are typically limted to 50Hz.

This follows the 2020 award to SIP of 2D processing and rock physics which supported the hydrocarbon potential of DHH Zechstein prospects and raised potential oil volumes to 1132 MMBO. SIP has since been collaborating with NSNR in investor presentations which helped secure additional funding for the DHH work programme.

Jagat Deo CEO said "We are very excited to continue working with NSNR and deliver quality 3D seismic products using the unique advantages of eGWM over legacy imaging algorithms. We have collaborated closely with NSNR over the past two years during a challenging time for our industry. This award reflects not only the SIP technical advantage but also the hard work and dedication of the SIP team."

eGWM is a multipath, one-way wave equation which models primary body waves

  • Steep dip source term (perfect to 90 degrees)

  • VTI and TTI

  • Noise free

  • Attenuates non-primary reflections

  • Perfect amplitudes

  • 10,000 faster than RTM

  • Superior to RTM


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