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SIP Back in Norway at the NCS Exploration Strategy, Stavanger

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Seismic Image Processing will be exhibiting at the NCS Exploration Strategy in Stavanger on 23-24th November 2022. It's been a while, and we look forward to updating you on our offering in integrated imaging, rock physics, and inversion. We have lots to tell you about the ongoing successes of our ground-breaking, AVO compliant eGWM and GRT migrations - the new standard for North Sea seismic imaging.

As a preview, here is a comparison of the excellent eGWM against Kirchhoff in an area adjacent to Greater Pegasus (Cluster 1) which has been identified by the NSTA as a strategically important area to meet the U.K.'s energy demands as we transition towards net-zero.

Want to maximize your exploration success? Don't kill it with Kirchhoff.

Outdated Kirchhoff migration image (left) versus higher quality eGWM image (right). The SNS is a perfect example of where Kirchhoff is a poor quality and high risk choice. eGWM provides a higher quality, AVA compliant result in a shorter turn-around time.

Blue line indicates seismic section location relevant to Cluster1 and 4 of the 'Southern North Sea: SNS Cluster Rationale' , 33rd Licensing Round. Base map courtesy of U.K. North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA).

Whatever stage you are in your exploration cycle, SIP has the experience to help.

  • 2D/3D land and marine processing from field tapes

  • Proprietary hyper-efficient eGWM high frequency wave migration

  • AVO/AVA compliant GRT migration

  • Advanced velocity modelling solutions

  • Rock physics and fluid replacement modelling

  • Seismic inversion

  • Depth conversion and prospect evaluation

See you in Stavanger!

Bjødnabeen 2

4033 Stavanger


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