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SIP Welcomes you to EAGE Vienna.

Seismic Image Processing invites you to join us at the 84th EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Vienna, 5-8th June 2023. Come and say hello at Booth 5510 and learn more about the exciting developments and projects that SIP are involved in, such as eGWM our hyper-efficient, high frequency wave migration which provides ground breaking imaging improvement over Kirchhoff and RTM.

Following successes imaging Eocene and Jurassic targets, interest is now growing in using eGWM for Carbon Capture Storage imaging. Come and speak to one of our representatives about our back catalogue of seismic data covering the current NSTA licensing round of UK Carbon Storage licences.

Want to maximize your chances of success? Don't kill it with Kirchhoff!

Outdated Kirchhoff migration image (left) versus higher quality eGWM image (right). The SNS is a perfect example of where Kirchhoff is a poor quality and high risk choice. eGWM provides a higher quality, AVA compliant result in a shorter turn-around time.

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!

EAGE Vienna 2023

Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Centre

Messepl. 1, 1021 Wien, EU


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